Take control of your authentication.

AuthKit is a library for the Shortcuts app, allowing you to add Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode authentication into your shortcuts quickly and easily.

See How AuthKit Stacks Up


Simple Authentication

With a clean and beautiful interface, AuthKit can easily integrate into any personal or production shortcut.


Robust Permissions

Easily turn off access to AuthKit for individual shortcuts in our easy-to-use permissions manager.


Customizable Settings

Want to turn on a sound when successful? Need to use legacy (1.0) shortcuts? It's all covered.

Advantages of AuthKit


No External Apps

AuthKit allows you to experience authentication in your shortcuts without the use of external apps that take up space and hop around.


Easy To Configure

Feature rich menus, customizable settings, and a robust permission system, all combine together to create a sleek look and Apple-style feel.


No Payment Required

AuthKit is name your own price software. If you enjoy AuthKit, you may consider tipping, but no payment is required to use AuthKit, ever.

Other authentication tools are paid and require a seperate app, that may limit who can use your shortcut. With AuthKit, users simply download AuthKit, and that's it. No payment or app required. Ever. Zip, zilch, nada.

Try AuthKit
with AppDefense

AppDefense is a shortcut by the creators of AuthKit, that allows you to lock apps without a jailbreak.

Attribution for AuthKit

You must credit AuthKit if used in a public shortcut.

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