Lock apps without the jailbreak.

AppDefense is a utility for the Shortcuts app, to lock individual apps on your device with Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode, without jailbreaking or tweaks.



AppDefense, unlike other app restrictors, is one of a kind, and has great perks over jailbreak tweaks.

No Jailbreak Required

By leveraging the power of automations introduced in iOS 13, AppDefense can allow you to restrict apps, without any need for tweaks or a jailbreak. AppDefense also does not cause battery drain, since it uses native features in iOS/iPadOS.

Disable Apps Easily

Any app you use with AppDefense works with the AuthKit permissions menu. By disabling the app in the permissions menu, AppDefense doesn't allow for the app to be opened. This ensures only you can have access to the app**.

AppDefense locks individual apps, and works on iOS 13-14. It functions on any app*, and only requires AuthKit. No jailbreaking, no tweaks, nothing else.

*AppDefense cannot protect the Shortcuts app due to the nature of automations.

**AppDefense is just as secure as other jailbreak tweaks, and can be removed by someone with knowledge of automations, just like jailbreak tweaks with terminals, package managers, or the Settings app unprotected.

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