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AuthKit is a library for the Shortcuts app, allowing you to add Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode authentication into your shortcuts quickly and easily. There's no "gotcha's" or any catches, and integrating AuthKit into a shortcut only takes 5 actions. A beautiful user interface, robust permissions, and settings, compliments the wide amount of uses for authentication. Make sure your morning routine only gets run by you, verify a user before presenting information, or protect apps. AuthKit can do it all.

  • NO EXTERNAL APPS - AuthKit comes with two methods to verify a user. The first method is the Clock app. By setting the sound to play after a timer to "Stop Playing", we can lock the device programmatically, allowing us to present iOS/iPadOS' built-in authentication screen. We also include the old method used in AuthKit 1.0 (legacy), which uses the "Upgrade" screen in iOS, and we check when the Upgrade screen return to the Shortcuts app.
  • ROBUST PERMISSIONS - AuthKit has a permissions manager, that allows you to turn off and deny AuthKit to a shortcut, if you wish.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS - AuthKit allows you to turn on a success sound, like the one used when downloading an app from the App Store or using Apple Pay, allow legacy shortcuts designed for AuthKit 1.0, and use the old "Upgrade" authentication method.
  • ACCESSIBILITY - AuthKit has built-in support for On/Off labels, so you can see I/O symbols on the switches. AuthKit is also adaptive to dark/light mode, so switches and other UI elements appear how they intend to be in iOS/iPadOS.

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